A Healthy Break

“Michael, I miss your writing!”

Self, I’ve missed my writing.

“Michael, I’ve missed you!”

Self, I’ve missed me, too.

Moving to New York City has been so…I’m not quite sure the words. I’ve described it before as being thrown into a cyclone. It grabs you and hold you down, swirls you around. You love it, you hate it. It’s painful, it’s the best feeling you’ve ever had.


And for the past month or so, I haven’t written a single word on this blog. And for that, I apologize. For the first few weeks, life just got in the way. I was busy moving, then unpacking, then working…blah, blah, blah. Excuses. There will always be a reason not to write. But then, I actually started thinking that maybe I didn’t need to blog anymore, because this blog was a way for me to cope with all my twentysomething struggles, and I actually thought that maybe, finally, there were no more twentysomething struggles. Life was great.


Not writing these past few weeks has only made me realize how many struggles there still are. Like, for example, not writing. Aka, how to ensure time for self-care. How to make time for things you like and care about. How not to forget yourself in the process, although everything else seems to be changing around you.

And then I realized, I was being too hard on myself. There’s nothing wrong with taking a healthy break. A friend of mine I was just talking with has been sick for the past week or so, and was feeling guilty about staying in bed and resting. Nope. Everyone needs a breaks! Literally. But it also works that way, metaphorically.

This move has been so incredibly earth-shaking. Not in a bad way, just in a way that my entire earth, the metaphorical ground I stood on when I first arrived, shook in every which way. New job, new city, new school, new friends, new apartment, new culture. It’s just…all so new. So, in order to get my bearings, I needed a little bit of a break. I needed that metaphorical rest, that break. From what? I’m not sure. It feels like I was taking a break from myself…? But I think I just needed to focus on all the change that was happening in front of me, which unfortunately, meant leaving some things behind. Like writing.

So maybe I’m writing this post to feel better about myself, or maybe because breaks really are a healthy thing. Either way, here are my reasons why everyone should take breaks:

  1. Self-care is self-love
    • A lot of times, people think taking the time you need is considered selfish…that somehow, self-care is self-indulgent. When in fact, it’s creating a space for yourself to love yourself, when maybe you feel like you need it most.
  2. Focus on your priorities 
    • Breaks help to focus your priorities. What’s important to you? What matters to you the most? When I took a break from writing, I knew I missed it. Taking breaks will help you refocus where your goals and priorities are. If you aren’t missing something that much, it’s a sign. Also, it’s okay to focus on other aspects of your life if need be, even if that means neglecting other aspects. As long as you are aware that it’s happening, and have some semblance of a plan to balance everything out again.
  3. Rest and relaxation
    • Some breaks are for no other purpose than to rest and relax. I say this, potentially, because I feel like I desperately need a vacation. But with that said, I don’t have the choice to not come back after a break. I need to work because I need money. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take small breaks to refuel and recharge yourself.

So, know that it is totally okay to take breaks. However, with that said, it feels amazing to officially declare this writing break as over!


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