Forgetting to Blog, Forgetting Yourself


I don’t even know if anyone else noticed this, but when I realized today was Sunday, I realized it at 10:47pm, which is exactly 2 hours and 47 minutes after I traditionally post my Sunday blogs. And to be honest, I was actually really upset with myself. I’ve been posting 8pm Sunday blogs every week, without fail, for over a year and a half. So, maybe I consider this a small “failure” because I forgot until just now. But “failure” seems like a strong word. Either way, with any sort of failure or disappointment, I like to think that I can learn and grow from the experience.

Here is what I’m going to take away from forgetting to blog by today at 8pm:

  1. There will always be excuses.
    • And believe me…this week, there are plenty excuses. The first day of RA training was yesterday, and I’ve been totally swept up in trainings, emails, getting to know the staff, etc. And having to work both Saturday and Sunday, I really did forget today was Sunday – it just felt like another weekday! But, there are no excuses. I still feel disappointed that I forgot to post by the specified time.
  2. Better late than never.
    • I could’ve just said, “Oh, it’s too late. I might as well just wait until next Sunday to write again.” But that’s not fair to myself. I made a weekly goal, a commitment, and I want to stick with it. It’s something I truly care about. In my opinion, posting late is better than never posting at all.
  3. Don’t lose yourself.
    • I think you all probably know that this blog means more to me than just words on a screen. It really helped me through a tough time when I was struggling through some adulting things. It validated my experiences the more people read and related to what I was saying.
    • I’ve realized that in moving to NYC, I’ve kind of been forgetting myself a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it here. But pro-tip: it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of New York City life. I’ve been meeting up with friends almost every night, trying new restaurants every week, walking around different parks, exploring random parts of the city…etc, etc. The downside of that? I kind of lost some of the things about myself that I love the most – writing for fun, reading in a coffee shop, reflection/journaling. I haven’t really done any of that since I’ve been here, and I’m starting to miss those pieces.

Forgetting to write this post by a certain time, for me, was more than just being a few hours late. I don’t think I have a strong enough following to have any people be disappointed that I didn’t post by a certain time (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). But in forgetting, I realized that there is a bigger lesson to be learned – I was starting to lose myself, and I’m hearing the message loud and clear.

If I had been taking the time for myself, continued in writing and reflection, I would not have forgotten about posting. At first, I was having the time of my life with everyone around me (and to some extent, I still very much am having the time of my life). But as I continue my New York City journey, I think it’s important to remember who I am and what I’m doing here. I can already tell it’s easy to get lost in the 8.4 million people who inhabit this city. And I’m just one.

And if I’m not keeping myself accountable for maintaining my own self, who is?


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