Living Your Fullest Life


New York City has a special way about it – maybe some people feel this way about other cities, other places, but this was an experience I had never felt until moving here. New York City makes me want to be my best self – it makes me want to live my best life.

For me, it’s a lot of things I’m not doing. Like, the biggest one probably right now is going to the gym, working out, etc. And I know this isn’t the case, but I feel like everyone in NYC is ripped. Swimmer’s bodies, muscles all over – and although comparison is the thief of joy and I completely agree with that – it’s also something that I want.

Also, I think I have seen more friends these past two weeks than I have in the past two years combined! It’s so amazing. There are all these people around, always, and I thought the introvert in me would hate that, but actually, I think I’m starting to become more of an extrovert…

Anyway, there’s something about the competitive nature of the city (which I can imagine some people absolutely hate), but for me, I absolutely love it. It’s what keeps me motivated. To grow. To challenge myself.

With that, it’s starting to become very clear which areas of my life that I’m excelling in, and which areas I still need to work on. I’m going to refer to my old friend here, the wellness wheel, to help me out.


I read this as seven areas of life that contribute to my own individual wellness, and a guide of sorts. So, in wanting to live my fullest life, to be my best self, I find myself looking back to this diagram and seeing which areas I’m okay in right now, and which ones I still need to work on. [Disclaimer: this is not finite. Please feel free to add your own sections to the wheel].

For me, I’m going to do a self-check:

  • Emotional
    • Self-care. How are you taking care of yourself? For me, I’m learning the balance of work in NYC, social time, and alone time. It seems to be working out okay so far, so I’ll give this one a thumbs up.
  • Spiritual
    • I don’t necessarily see this as “religious,” although, it could be. I think this refers more to beliefs, values, morals, etc, and how you are living those out. 6/10 for me right now.
  • Financial
    • I just checked my bank statements this morning, and surprisingly, I’m doing okay!! I thought I would have gone bankrupt by now…
  • Environmental
    • I absolutely feel like I am meant to be in New York City right now. It could be my forever place, I feel that strongly about it. So, yes, I am loving the environment here. 10/10.
  • Social
    • Please see above – so many people to see, so many new friends to meet – I love it here, especially for this reason!
  • Physical
    • Yup, still working on this.
  • Intellectual
    • I am leaning a whole lot in my job – but I want to start expanding that! Taking classes, learning new hobbies, etc.

The point of me sharing all of that was not to go on and on about myself. The point is for you to also check yourself – how are you living your best life? How are you fulfilling all of the categories in the wellness wheel? And what ones are missing/not relevant?

In the meantime, here’s a tip about living out the wellness wheel:

  • It’s fluctuating
    • There may be some days where the wheel is out of balance. And that’s okay. You may need to focus your energies on a different section to get it up to par with the rest. It’s exhausting to work on all seven areas at once. For me, I feel good about environment, social, financial, and emotional. And I know the others are still areas of improvement – but, piece by piece, one at a time. Choose your focus area, and go with it!



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